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Friday, August 01, 2008

At Least The Food Was Good...

(delayed posting)

I'm not fun when it comes to watching shows. I don't bop along with the beat, or dance about. I am too self conscious to do that. Everyone knows this, so the only time I get invited is last minute.

I could care less about DJ Tiesto, but since the show was at Webster Hall, it was an excuse to try out a new place in the city.

Manhattan - Webster Hall, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Oh, and that show at Webster Hall? Never, ever again. It was packed, smelly... just not my scene.

At least dinner was good.

We drove into the city two hours before doors opened, giving us plenty of time to find a good place to eat. It didn't take long before we came across Zabb City.

Manhattan - Zabb City, originally uploaded by lilithny.

It blends into the street, especially at night. If I hadn't have looked up at the wooden sign, we would have walked right by it. It wasn't particularly busy, there was one customer, and she was engrossed in a book.

The interior definitely gave off a hip, city vibe- small space, dim lighting, exposed brick, chill music playing in the background. The room was sparsely decorated, I recall maybe a painting and some masks hanging on the walls.

Zabb City specializes in Isaan style cooking, which from the looks of my googling, emphasizes SPICY. Normally I would be down for the heat, but I just wanted something light. I ordered the Thai chicken clear soup.

Manhattan - Zabb City, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Not bad. It was smaller than I was hoping, but this seems to be more of an appetizer size than meal size. Poached chicken, scallions, shredded nappa, and glass noodles in a light chicken broth. Easily replicated at home... once I figure out how to poach chicken.

Manhattan - Zabb City, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Oh, how I love Thai iced teas. That tea would prove to be useful for our dinner.

spicybowl, originally uploaded by lilithny.
This is what S ordered. I don't remember now what he got, but it was either the Zabb Noodle with chicken, or the Chaa Chaa noodle. I'm not sure, but his would be an example of an Issan dish. The picture really doesn't show it, but there was this large clump of dried chilies. I don't know about you, but I would have stirred that up, and incorporate the dried chilies throughout the dish. I don't know what he was thinking, but he picked it right up and popped it into his mouth.

And then he went quiet.

At this point I offered him some of my iced tea, since the milk helps out with the heat. He ordered himself an iced tea and continued finishing his meal.

Manhattan - Zabb City, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Since I wasn't stuffed, I ordered the fried banana for dessert. I envisioned a tempura banana (I don't know why).

Manhattan - Zabb City, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Not at all what I expected. It's turon (banana eggroll)... except they used regular bananas and not plantains. They also used honey instead of sugar, which I think worked well. I'll have to make these sometime.

It was an enjoyable experience. Will we go back there again? Who knows, but I think it's definitely worth trying.**

Zabb City
244 East 13th Street (between 2nd & 3rd ave)
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-529-8770
Fax: 212-505-6454

Click here for the menu.

**[If you really want, you can check this discussion over at Chowhound on just how it really compares to it's sister site in Queens.]

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