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Monday, June 23, 2008

Bumbled Brunches

The plan was to meet up with some friends for breakfast.

So much for plans. Good Enough to Eat is on the UWS, which I figured would be impossible when it came to finding a parking spot. So I parked over in Jersey and took the train in, figuring it would be the fastest way there.


Long story short, missed the breakfast. I wasn't too upset because there was a street fair, with lots of yummy foods for me to enjoy... and I probably spent less than I would have at GEtE. And I was happily full.

I'll have to check the UWS again in the near future. Here are some pictures from Sunday.

If my shoes weren't soaked and I wasn't so tired, I would have stayed to listen to this guy.

The burritos at this stand looked sooooo good.

Just another shot of the street. I hit up Fairway, but it was too crowded to take pics.

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