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Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Phone… Again

I like Verizon, but their customer service is atrocious. After being told I would have no problem switching my old number over and using a temporary number in the meantime, I was told by two Verizon reps that they didn't do that anymore, and one rep who said the other two were talking out of their ass. Whatever. So I returned the Samsung and cancelled that temporary line (hooray within the 30 days!) and got the upgrade phone for my account, which is now switched over onto the new plan.

I didn't stick with that Samsung phone. As much as I liked its slimness, it's two-way flip opening, I was always worried I'd break it. Plus the buttons on the keypad are just too small for my fingers.

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What I Really Wanted:

How cute is this phone?!? The Samsung Communicator is aWindows based smart phone with the sliding keypad,bluetooth, 1.3 MP camera (meh), microSD slot.

Too bad it costs 300 bucks.

Le sigh.

What I Ended Up Getting:

The LG enV.

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I am so behind on the times with this one, but it has
the features that I want (keypad/camera/memory slot) , and I got it forfree.

Can never go wrong with the free.

Well now, it's just about 5AM on this rather foggy Turkey Day, so I'm off to get started on some cooking.

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