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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lasang Pinoy 19: Barrio Fiesta Round Up!

Aray! Feet aching from too much Todo-todo? Or perhaps your body is letting you know that that third helping of halo-halo may have not been the smartest move. But before I go any further, here is the round up for this month's event!

Em Dy over at Pulse shares with us her unfortunate fiesta experience.

Although Macky of the Island Cook has never attended a fiesta before, she has eaten many traditional fiesta dishes. She includes a recipe for Lechon Kawali. Mouth, commence drooling...

Anneski of Kitchen Conjugations reveals to us that "the fiesta, the food and the merrymaking lasted for days." Looks like her family and my family share that same tradition! A recipe for Callos is included, a dish I've never heard of... but am dying to try out.

MarketManila! Marketman is one blogger that I truly idolize, and one of the few blogs I religiously follow. For LP 19, he conjured up his version of Binagoongang Baboy.

For his second LP submission, Peter of Peter's Pan offers up Tuhod. Just looking at the dish made me get up and cook some rice!

Kaoko of Kitchen Cow shares with us memories of her Lola, and one of her dishes, Morcon.

Ces of spiCes makes it just in time with her entry, Kare-kare.

Buciao tempts us with Igado, and memories of her Uncle's cooking.

Simply Anne's takes us on a walk down Memory Lane, and serves up some Moron along the way.

KC of Chef KC is on desert patrol. Mouth watering in all its "galore."

Come on now Dhey, if "Filipino time" tells us anything, it's that it's never too late! Here is Never on a Sunday's not-so-fiesta memory. We normally associate fiestas with food, but they can also be a source of pride in our heritage. Fiestas... celebrations... food... heritage. It works.

Light up the grill! Iska shares a fiesta staple, Pork Barbecue.

Martha Stewart may not be Filipino, but some of her editors are. Sadly, it appears that the recipes are not online, but in the current issue of MS Living. So if you can't attend some of the fiestas back home, you can get ideas of throwing a fiesta-esque party in your home.

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