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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Drinko

Warm up

Not that I really wanted to go out, but since it was Cinco de Mayo, I figured I would for an hour... two at least. Last night's drinking escapades left me not waking up until 6PM, and quite hungry.

Nothing says treat your stomach well after a long night of drinking than some greasy burgers and cheesey fries. Jack's Drive In is the best.

Headed back to Dan's place around 9-10 with the remaining beers from last night. Should have left them at his place, but oh well. Chilled at his place for a while, enjoying the HDTV and knocking back some barely cold beer. Dan for some reason, decided we needed to do shots of tequilla before we headed out. But he had Cuervo, which just thinking of it makes me ill. So I opted out and had the weak Bacardi shot while Dan and Roommate had the JC. Roommate looked like he was going to hurl and immediately ran for the facilities. Sucker.

After he was done, we bundled up and headed over to the Science Library to catch the bus downtown. This was probably the second time I used the bus to go out drinking, and both times it was packed with buzzed/drunk kids, mostly underaged. And it looked like they came from Indian and Dutch (bad stereotyping, but it's true- Dutch is the minority quad). The ride was uneventful, but I did catch some guys taking swigs from the beers they snuck on. Immature fart jokes, etc.

Got of on Allen, and crossed over to Madison to hit our first bar, Mahar's. Not croweded again, but it was near closing time (Midnight?) and the Mahar's packs went off to their next stops downtown.

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