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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Forecast

Today - SNOW
Tomorrow - SNOW
Weekend - Did I mention SNOW?

Come on now. It's freaking April. I don't want to see the temperature drop below 40 and I don't want to carry around the ice scraper again. Unless there is 5+ feet dropping, forcing the ski resorts to open again and let me get that one run in this whole freakin season... NO MORE SNOW!

Okay, calming down. The cold weather demotivates me when it comes to exercising, throwing my running schedule off. But then again... I woke up with these really sharp pains in my left knee, a sign that I might be overdoing it... and that another day off wouldn't be that bad. I can always run tomorrow.

Yesterday's study session went extremely well and now I've got a study schedule until May loosely set up. But thinking about it, I haven't factored in my work schedule, which throws the sleep schedule off... meh.

Schedule for Thursday:

0700 - 0830 - studying
0830 - 0900 - getting ready
0900 - 1030 - shopping
1045 - 1530 - studying with some foodage
1600 - 1720 - biochem
1800 - hmmm - studying with more foodage

mwahahaha... military time rocks. Still debating if I should bring the computer with me.

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