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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Birthday

Gadget wanted to be the first one to say Happy Birthday

Our dinner at My Linh - Fried whole Flounder with that sauce they give you with the fried spring rolls. Flashbacks of Chordate Anatomy! Dr. Brown would have been proud that we remembered the DHNT!

The fish was quite good... need to figure out how to make something similar to it. Notice the use of spoon and fork? SO FILIPINO! If there was a dish of tomato, onion, and bagaoong... I would be set.

Pervin - Yea, we butt heads most of the time, but he took me out for my birthday, so thanks.

Great dinner! And then we went to Alibi's... which was disappointing. Bartender couldn't make a drink to save her life, but she did a good job at cleaving. And there was a guy who I guess was the dj... had turntables that really aren't because all he had were cd's. Bleh, hip hop night I guess. So that's why there are no pics from there. The Terminal would have been a better place to end the night. At least townies make me laugh.

So there you have it... mellow and low key 27th. I may go and stretch my celebrating for an extended period of time... say, til I can head back downstate? Sounds good to me!

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