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Friday, September 08, 2006

Bandwagon and Pods

So I just did my first audio post, which was pretty cool. I’m afraid the quality isn’t that great, but I listened to it… and I understood it. But then again, it’s me talking and I understand me.

Okay, so for all you Senseo owners (I think Home Café people can use it as well)… I present:


It’s not hard really. And I know if you google “coffee pod tutuorial” you’ll find yourself a bunch of links. But this is going to be a little different, because I’m going to make a tea pod as well. It says nothing about making tea in the Senseo, and well… I wonder if it delivers the same froth as the coffee pods.

What you’ll need:

Two measuring cups – I used ¼ and 1/3
Basket style coffee filter – The smaller, the better (think 1-4 cup capacity)
Ground coffee (we’ll talk more about this part)
2 cup pod holder (The bigger, the better)

How to do it:
  • Take the coffee filter and flatten it out. It should look like a nice wrinkly circle.
  • Place flattened filter on top of your 1/3 measuring cup. Try to center it as much as possible. With your other measuring cup, gently push the filter into the cup. What you’ll end up with is the filter sandwiched between the two cups. Remove the top cup.
  • Add about two heaping teaspoons of your coffee.
  • Note: Coffee ground size is important. Ignore this if you grind your coffee at the supermarket- just make sure the setting on the grinder is on AUTO DRIP. For those who grind at home, you want to grind it, as some sites say “smaller than sea salt, but larger than sugar crystals.” If it’s too large, the coffee will be weaker. If it’s too small, it’ll clog the system and BOOM! You’ve got a coffee kitchen. So let me emphasize this:
  • IMPORTANT: NO STRAY COFFEE GROUNDS! Coffee should be inside the pod, not outside. The Senseo uses a pressure system to make coffee. Water is forced through the pod and down into this tiny spout (which I believe incidentally makes the foam). A loose coffee ground can block this spout, resulting in a messy coffee space and not so nice coffee drinkers.
  • Carefully fold the top of the filter over the coffee, making sure that no grounds escape.
  • Pull out of the measuring cup, and you’re ready to go!

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