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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Salt is "Asin"

You know how you’re in the middle of enjoying something truly delicious, and then you remember something that makes what you’re eating not so great?

That happened today. Being that is the Lenten season, my Catholic faith believes in giving up something as a sacrifice for the next 40 days and nights. I’ve decided to give up chocolate.


Finally I’m choosing something I really love. Usually I wimp out and pick something I don’t like too much or something I don’t have very often. Previous examples are bubble gum and video games. Not only that, I’m pretty sure I have no more chocolate anywhere in my room/car/bag.

So that being said, chocolate will be out of my mind until Easter. Another thing practiced and sadly I totally forgot until too late, was refraining from eating meat on Fridays. No beef, chicken, pork, anything that moves on all fours or has wings. Normally I don’t have a problem with this, I have a tendency to eat meatless on Friday. But I had this meat in the fridge that had been there since I bought it on Monday, and I realized it was Ash Wednesday, but completely forgot about Friday.

So my Catholic guilt just got a little bit guiltier.

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