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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hints From Organamonster

So I've been up for an hour, I think I fell asleep around 1AM. I was planning on heading home early anyways. I caught Oliver's Twist on Food Network and saw the beginning of the infomercials. The first one was on kitchen and household secrets. Here's what I picked up, I don't know whether it's all legit or not but things you might want to know.

  • Add some white vinegar into a pan and boil for 15 seconds. Remove liquid and the pan will be non-stick for 2 months.
  • Want light and fluffy pancakes? Use club soda! It’s all about the bubbles…
  • Potato chips lost their crunch? Re-crisp in the microwave 15 seconds.
  • Want to get rid of that bitter taste in your cukes? Cut about an inch from the end of the cucumber and rub the two ends in a circular motion. Somehow the rubbing makes the whole thing not bitter.
  • So you made a beautiful roast. The only thing that’ll kill it would be excess fat. The solution? Sprinkle dry mustard all over the roast after it’s done.
  • Trick to make herbs last: place in a plastic bag and blow as hard as you can and seal fast. Lasts 3-5 days longer.
  • Watching what you eat? Use applesauce and vanilla instead of oil and sugar respectively.
  • Want to eat your cheese before the mold does? Wet a paper towel with white vinegar and squeeze out excess liquid. Place on the bottom of a closeable container and add 3-4 sugar cubes along with your cheese.
  • I forget if this is to make it crisper or jucier: before you start frying, add a little white vinegar into the oil.
  • Rub vegetable oil on eggs and they will last 3-4 weeks longer. Also, helps keep unwanted smells out.
  • Remove the fat from soups and stock with iceberg lettuce leaves.
  • French fry test: In a bowl combine 11 cups water and 1 cup salt. Add your freshly cut fries. The ones that float are low in starch, thus soggy fries. Use the ones that sink!
  • For perfect crispy pizza crust, brush on olive oil
  • Want great biscuits? Keep your ingredients cold and don't overmix.
  • Is your meat fresh? Check for the color of the fat. The whiter, the better.
  • Food have too much heat? Take black olives and mix around reduce spicyness.
  • 2 cookie pans used together will help prevent cookie burn.
  • Delay the spoil! A pinch baking soda in milk will make it last longer
  • Carbonation gone flat? Store soda upside down.
  • For tender turkey, cook breast down first hour.
  • Turkey needs to rest at least 20 minutes (steam needs to release) for good slicing
  • Have to fill that turkey with stuffing? Use cheese cloth for easy removal
  • DO NOT stuff the night before! BACTERIA may form. Stuff just beefore cooking
  • bake ham remove draining. pour ginerale, then rub salt. removes salt from ham
  • pinch salt in flour to remove lumps in gravy
  • peanut butter in gravy to stop from burning
  • pasta never salt the water
  • no lumps in potatoes, use warm milk
  • chalk in silverware to stop tarnish
  • vinyl scratch use toothpaste
  • grass stains use toothpaste but before you wash
  • antibacterial spray on pumpkin to not spoil
  • iceberg lettuce on coals to stop flareups
  • half onion or white vinegar, add immediately on scorched shirt
  • lemon in salt to clean copper
  • hair spray on fake plants to keep dust off
  • flubber dubber - two liquids
  • freezer put pantyhose in freezer first night only thaw out before wear and prevents if from running
  • store cottage cheese upside down to prevent molding quickly
  • stick tube pasta in pie (ziti or larger)to help with steam

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