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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Day After

Black friday... you do not scare me!

I am starving, I need foodage. Yesterday's lack of Thanksgiving delights has left me yearning for something. You would think that the fridge would be stocked, but alas it is not.

Want to know what I ate yesterday?

Popcorn, soda, twizzlers (I watched RENT last night - thumbs up)
Leftovers soup (recipe to follow)

Not really much when it comes to the recipe. It's all about raiding the fridge, and making use of what you have. However, rotissere chicken is your friend. Recite this mantra whenever you're at the supermarket. I'm not saying to get it everytime you're there... but if you want something quick, or for the just in case.

Leftovers Soup

Rotissere Chicken

Roughly chop up herbs and vegetables. Pick meat off chicken and throw into pot (skin too!) and add enough water to cover. Bring to boil and then add pasta. Season to taste.

Simple, easy. Was this necessary to post? Sure, it's my blog after all. And I think there might just be two people who read this nowadays anyways.

I got up at 4AM today. I had to wake my dad up so he could get some hunting in before work. Hopefully he won't come home today empty handed.

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