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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Party Workout

Nothing like standing in front of a hot stove stirring to build some muscle.

I'm not making polenta. Although I am planning on making some tomorrow for lunch. Fried polenta cakes with fig over a bed of baby spinach and drizzled with either balsamic vinagrette or a balsamic reduction.

What I'm stirring up is ube. Two batches of it. And not the instant ube like I wanted to buy. But the boil yourself and slave away at ube. I don't even like ube, but it's what we have when we throw a party. I'll be making leche flan as well. My mom usually does this cooking, but she's decided to fall asleep so she can get out of the work.

Let's see... what else are we cooking? I'm making ube and leche flan, my dad made fruit salad and is cutting the meat up for dinuguan. I bought some cheeses for my parents to sample from Honest Weight and a couple more for tomorrow. Nobody's made a cake yet. I'm debating if I should. Perhaps cupcakes would be easier? I really want to make profiteroles. I might just makes those instead... or eclairs?

Decisions, decisions.   

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