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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Beans, Beans... The Magical Fruit

I’ve had my share of growing things this summer. All that remains is some dill, basil and mint… I hope. I was getting anxious, so new project! I was volunteering at Honest Weight last week and spied on a sprouter. It seems like a healthy, organic thing to do… and since I’ve been trying to do healthy, organic things, this was perfect.

I bought some Alfalfa seeds and some mixed beans. My first try and sprouts was with the mixed beans, and let me just tell you… fun fun fun! Yes, it’s nerdy, science lovin’ stuff, but the lunch I made out of it was fantastic.

Beef Tofu Sprout Stirfry

1 lb. sliced beef (I used fajita beef)
2 cups sprouts your choice
1 package extra firm tofu
Oyster sauce
Salt, pepper
Olive oil
  1. In a wok/large frying pan, heat up some olive oil, about 2 tablespoons. Toss in chopped garlic and sautee.
  2. Add in beef and brown.
  3. Add tofu and cook until all the water evaporates.
  4. Add oyster sauce, eyeball it. Since oyster sauce is already salty, I tend not to use salt, but there are some people out there who refuse to eat it until it’s been hit with the salt. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE! Watch your salt intake!
  5. Add pepper (I prefer red pepper flakes, but to each their own).
  6. Finally, add the sprouts. Toss lightly and serve with warm rice.

My second attempt at growing sprouts. This time round I’m making alfalfa sprouts and lentil sprouts (lentils were on sale so how could I refuse?). Both take about 5 days before they’re ready. Today (11/1) is day 4 for both, but UGH! The lentil sprouts when I checked on them at first looked okay, but the smell upon closer inspection said otherwise. It’s still lingering in my nose and it’s really bothering me. Not even taking a whiff of Tabasco is driving this smell out. What did it smell like? Something alcoholic. Fermenting. Damn the mold!

I know why. I was growing it in a Tupperware container… and I constantly closed the container. NO AIR CIRCULATION!! Silly me. So… now I think I can correct it for next time by puncturing the lid with many holes, thereby allowing air to go both in and out. Maybe even better would be to cut the center and place a screen like on my sprouting jar. But that requires tools to do it, and puncturing just requires a desire to go psycho on a lid. A knife or sharp scissor should do it.

Alfalfa is looking great. One… maybe two more days and then I’ll leave it out on the window sill, get that chlorophyll action going. What I’ll do with it exactly, I don’t know. Perhaps part of a veggie humus sandwich? Or a bagel with lox and schmear and sprouts?

I’ll let you know how the third attempt goes.

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