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Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy Labor Day

I hope you enjoyed your day off. I know I did, but I somehow managed to injure myself. Not sure how it happened, but it's making tonights project a little difficult.

And what is that project? Brewing beer. Yes, M and I are at it again... and hopefully we don't screw it up. M's trip out to Michigan for the annual Homebrew Festival and hanging out with Brian Wiggs from Dark Horse brewery may have been the catalyst for his wanting to break out the kettle, but I know the hop picking for Saranac is what did it for me. That was last week and I still need to write about it.

And I am pretty sure I will at some point. I don't have to point out the obvious, but I haven't been writing much. Oh sure, I posted some crossfit workouts (which I stopped doing but may start up again)... but I just wasn't motivated. No spark... nada. But this month let's see. Maybe I can get things started again. I would think so, since I have some interesting food related things about to start. On Wednesday. 

So you'll have to wait until then. 

Back to the beer. My sister purchased some hops and yeast for M earlier in the year and we are finally breaking into the stash. We acquired some fresh hops recently and M is just about ready to "wet hop" them. Which is what you call the addition of fresh hops. Why they don't just call it "fresh hopping," I don't know. It would be understood. But I am new to the brewing thing. Maybe I'll buy a book. Or if SCCC was cool, they would offer a beer making class... or classes. There is that one school in the area that will, and the CIA is opening a brewery. Gotta jump on while it's still hot... right?

Monday, August 04, 2014

Tomatoes Everywhere!!!

I stopped by the garden tonight to round up some veggies. Pretty sure I got five pounds of tomatoes, and there are plenty where they came from. I'm pretty sure these were the Early Girl (or Boy... still early) and Celebrity. Glad I went with those and not the Romas or San Marzano.

WOOHOO!!! My green thumb is alive and kicking.

I also got a bunch of celery and handfuls of kale and chard. I need to do better on using all these vegetables. Or at least harvest more often and give them away. 

So my fellow gardeners, what have you been picking from your veggie patch?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Workout

Snatch - build to a heavy max set of 
1 High Hang Snatch + 1 Full Snatch (power or squat)
*15 Minute Time Cap

For time:
Goblet Squat
KB Swing

Stretch/Foam Roll


55 lbs for strength, 7:23 for time

I started with the 35 pound bar but ended up dropping down to 30. After a couple runs without weights, I threw on 30. I've lifted this weight before, but today wasn't my day. It wasn't so much my shoulder... just too much for today. Coach had me throw on 5s and work on proper form. Slowly worked up to 55. I'll have to go in on a Saturday and work on this.

Rest of the workout... not bad, but my arms were like jello afterwards. But hey... I'm going to have awesome arms just in time for the... fall.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday Workout

3 Rounds for Time
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull-ups
Post WOD:
In teams of 2 or 3, row 2000 meters. While one team member works, the others do a plank hold.
Result - 12:02
I think I would have done better if it wasn't so muggy. It was stifling outside... Even worse inside. I thought I drank enough water during the day, but by workout time I was having headaches. A guy from my Elements class was just finishing his workout. "It's all cardio," he said. When I mentioned how hot is was inside, he replied, "it gets worse when you come back in for the run."
As for the running. I didn't like it before, and I certainly don't like it anymore now. Sure, I'd force myself to go for "runs" to get ready for 5k's, but that was it. I wasn't doing weights. There were a couple flashes of lightning, so definitely hell no to running. The other options were not any better - 50 double unders; 500 meter row; and I think 24" box jump overs. I picked rowing, which I thought would be the easiest of the options.
Yeah, no. Rowing lasted one round. I sucked it up and ran the rest. The rain by that point was pretty light and slightly refreshing. Used a 25lb kettlebell and for the most part had no problems there, but I do need to work on my form. Pull-ups I used the green and blue bands, and no problems there.
Post WOD. Rowing. Another reason why I stopped rowing at round one. 2000 meters, split between three people. Each stint was about 250 meters, while the rest of the team had to do planks. Not bad, but I need to work more on it.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Friday Workout - 'Murica Edition

Run/Walk 5k



Okay, so this was more walking than running. And the running was more of a jog than a run. But I want to blame lifting weights for the reason why I can't run. But honestly... I just can't run. M came along, as did Stella. With a dog (especially one that is not the best on a leash), the pace is slower. We ran first thing in the morning, so it wasn't too muggy or too buggy. 

I probably shouldn't have gone on a run, especially after yesterday's workout.