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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thank You, Now I Must Be Going (Early Morning Turkey Day Musings)

Walking up just after four in the morning, I stumbled around the room using the dim light of my phone screen. The room I had just napped in - the guest room in my moms house was more crowded than usual, but I'm partly to blame for that. Should probably break the dog crate down before I leave. Which will be soon. I am technically working in two hours.

Coming downstate was a last minute decision. Part guilt, part missing home. I reasoned to myself if I couldn't be there for the celebration, I could do my part and help my mom out with the prep work. Mostly last minute shopping. I suggested she spatchcock the turkey this year. Less time and a better cooked turkey. But no poultry shears. Not sure her kitchen shears will cut it. Cleaver perhaps? Slightly scary thought. Score with a sharp knife and just hack? Or let her roast it the way we always have... and attempt the new method for Chistmas. 

While I've been mulling over the options while I wake for my mom to wake, I finished what was left of the Banh Mi I ordered last night. Still good. Surprised the ladies that work there still remember me. I must have ordered there a lot.

I think she's better off roasting the traditional way. I was planning on roasting a chicken for my turkey day back upstate. Inasal style. Spatchcocked. Need the practice. Should go straight to the market when I get to Albany. Or maybe a smaller bird... it is just me eating it after all.

Time to go. I may post again later. Check the Instagram.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How Much Produce Does Seventeen Dollars Get You?

That much. I think I got everything in the shot (sorry... it's my iPad. No fancy business here).

Just picked up my order from Capital Roots today and this is what I got:

4 cucumbers
1 bunch of scallions
2 zucchini
half a pound of spinach
1 lb bag of carrots
5 bananas
1 large bunch of collard greens
2 lbs green bell peppers
2 lemons
5 oranges
1 pomegranate
1 "produce project pepper" which apparently were green bell peppers...
2 lbs red potatoes

My total was 17.31

Not too bad, I think. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm on a Boat (Soon)

Good morning!

I don't know how it is up in New York, but it's a comfortable 68 degrees at the moment. The sun is shining; the palm trees are lazily moving about in the wind; and I can start to hear the traffic start to pick up. Other than a door slam here and there, the rest of the hotel guests must still be sleeping. So I figured I'd drop a line before I get going. 

I am current down in Fort Lauderdale. First time here. Can't really say much about it since I got in late last night and I'm in the touristy area (but all of it could be touristy... who knows). I flew out of Albany, probably the third or fourth time I've done that. It was nice - the airport wasn't busy and hello... free wi-fi while I waited. Used Jet Blue... which was great as usual. Flight staff was very nice and made the flight chummy. Took a cab to the hotel and had a late dinner at chain restaurant next door.

And soon I'll be heading across the street the grab some breakfast and make it a lazy morning before heading to the cruise port. Because I'm going on a cruise! First cruise ever, so I've got the excited/scared thing going on right now. Excited because because I'll be on a boat and visiting a country I've never been to and experiencing the boat life. Scared because I'll be on a boat with a lot of people and of  course all worst case scenarios and running through my head. Aside from the boat sinking, I'm more concerned with sea sickness. I'm usually pretty good on boats. But this is a bigger boat. I've got enough meds to help me through it... I hope.

I was given some tips before I headed out. Like bring enough swimsuits. And be mindful of my time when we stop at ports... because the ship will leave you. And get up extra early so you can sneak up to the pool deck and claim lounge chairs.

I hear this cruise line has good food. And they had beers brewed especially for them. I'll let you know how that turns out. Hopefully there is decent wi-fi on the ship.

UPDATE: Currently sitting in a large waiting room with other passengers, as the ship's crew are going though immigration and the Coast Guard have to do an inspection and drill. But people are starting to board. Thank goodness for free Wi-Fi. Sadly it is not on the boat- 70 bucks for two hours. And it is slow to boot. So so much for posting on the trip!

They gave us a goody bag while we wait. Should have bought some wine.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Berkshires to Boston Tour - Day One

And a happy early morning to you all.

Currently sitting in my tent, breaking my stuff down before I jump on my bike and head out to Sunderland, MA. This is my second year riding the Berkshires to Boston tour, and I am amped. I have a road bike this year, and I know what not to do on a hilly route... so gotta hope for the best.

Writing on my phone is a bit of a pain, even with the swiping feature. But I'll try to post again. Definitely will update my Instagram, so keep an eye on that.

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Last Meal at Minissale's

Sunday will be the last time Minissale's will be open to serve food. They will now focus their energies on the food line and have a chance to relax. Good for them. M and I stopped in Friday for an early dinner. While not all the place was not packed, most of the tables were reserved. By the time we left, the room was more than half full.

I honestly can't remember the last time I ate here. Maybe I never did and just thought I had. M's old apartment wasn't too far away from there so he has definitely been there more than I have. We didn't stay at all from our usual order - pizza and pasta. I also had a cup of pasta e fagioli, which now looking back I should have just went with a salad. Way too warm in there. Really liked the rolls, especially with the oil. And of course when the server set the bread and oil down it reminded me of an article I had read not even an hour before that had said to skip the bread and oil to cut out however many hundred calories.

Ate too much bread and brought most of the food home. Devoured everything this morning.

Now it's late and I'm home and I miss air conditioning. Fans aren't cutting it.