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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I think I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving. I've been trying to counteract the heavy meals with plenty of salads. It may have worked for a day or two, but I think I need to accept the fact that it will be hearty eating and overindulgence to close out 2017. I bought several cured meats for my lunches this week. My sodium levels are going to be through the rood, but tastily.

Oof. Just thinking about it is making my stomach hurt.


The cold weather months are when my hot coffee consumption really picks up. Every morning I brew a big pot of coffee and have at least two cups before I head out to work. I've started to bring in a thermos of coffee with me, to save some money as well. So far it's done the trick - I don't break into the thermos until the afternoon and it tides me over until I'm done.

And, because this thermos is awesome, the coffee is still quite hot. Thanks Ikea!


On this day in 1933, the 21st Amendment was ratified, and it repealed the 18th Amendment. That evil 18th amendment that banned alcohol. Hurrah for the 21st. I will celebrate with a drink later.

Monday, December 04, 2017

National Cookie Day

I once had this crazy scheme where I would cook something for every food holiday for a year. 365 different food items, at least. Yep... definitely crazy. I lack the patience or the follow through to complete that. So I'll just stick to things here and there. Like national cookie day.

Cookies! Easy.

Whipped up a somewhat basic chocolate chip, but surprise! Dash of maple extract. Next time I'm thinking subbing in some maple sugar (damn pricey, but worth it perhaps) or subbing the regular sugar out for toasted sugar. Switch to chocolate chunks... dark chocolate... possibilities are endless.

If anyone wants, I've got four dozen ready for the baking. Perfect for resolving any cookie emergency.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sometimes Pizza Will Do

We are officially in the holiday season. Restaurant was busy all weekend long, an indicator of the weeks to come. I really shouldn't be surprised since I used to be a server long ago. Holidays are the money makers. Totally different situation in the kitchen, and one I would rather deal with than with customers.

It may be starting to take its toll... working seven days a week. After work I ran some errands. Pulled into a parking lot and closed my eyes for just one second as I was listening to the radio.

I swear it was just a second.

Fell asleep in the parking lot. Not too long, but it was one of those sudden wake up deals. Good thing it was dark.

Dinner tonight was a take and bake pizza. Nothing fancy, three cheese so M could partake. For store bought, it was decent. Wonder how it'll be tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be hard as a rock. Most thin crust ones are.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Perfect Keto "Review"

The first day of the last month of the year. Curious how the rest will pan out.

NOTE - This is not a paid post. I'm not cool enough to do things like that. I once was... maybe. And honestly, what follows isn't something they would pay me to say. 

One of the few items I bought on Black Friday was a jar of coffee flavored base from Perfect Keto. As you can see, it's something I've bought before, and use somewhat frequently. Enough that I thought buying another flavored base made sense. 

Long story short, these bases and MCT oil powder are what some people use to get into ketosis. Fat burning mode. Health... weight loss... blah blah blah. Diet and exercise? Oh yeah. But I get by with a little help from my friends. Or in this case, exogenous ketones and powdered medium chain triglycerides.

Like that? Bwahaha. 

I started with the peaches & cream base. I forget when I bought it. Early summer? I was listening to a podcast (can't remember which one) and they had mentioned using exogenous ketones to help with intermittent fasting. Figured why not, and ordered some ketones. The 40 percent off didn't hurt, because this stuff is pricey

PRO TIP - Don't go by the suggested serving size. That's a big scoop, and you're supposed to add it to 8-10 ounces of a liquid. I'm sorry, I tried it that way, I spit it out. It needed to be watered down. A lot. Now, I add about a third of a scoop to a liter of water, and that amount is tolerable. It may be the salts, or the stevia. Probably the stevia. Stevia is nasty. Also, the less you use per serving, the longer you can stretcher out that container. Which costs sixty bucks, btw.

From there I bought the MCT oil powder. I have the liquid MCT oil, which I use in my bulletproof/rocket fuel/fatty coffee. So why get it in the powdered form? Well, it works better than liquid MCT oil in other recipes. And, no oily film on the top of my coffee after the froth has disappeared. I've had no problems with this product, and will be buying it again. 

PRO TIP - Don't start with a full scoop!! Save your GI tract. Start small (1/2 scoop, maybe less), and slowly work your way up. This applies to both liquid and powdered form.

And now I have a coffee flavored base. Smells like coffee, which it should since it has ground coffee in it. Also has stevia, which boo. Half a teaspoon of the coffee base and half a teaspoon of the MCT oil powder to a large mug of coffee. Whipped up with a milk frother, and a splash of two of half & half. Because I like my ketones and triglycerides with coffee and cream.

Ba dum tsss...


Okay, I'm done. Have a good Friday.

Monday, November 27, 2017

It's Monday

Not that you needed reminding. It's been Monday all day, and a Monday after a holiday to boot. So needless to say I've been out of it. And not just me... it seems like many people were dragging today.

But it's something I say at work when I'm off my game. Sure, I've used other days too, but I use Monday a lot.

I've been scanning the Cyber Monday deals, and the only thing I bought was a cookie cutter that was already on sale. I was on the fence about buying a subscription to Butcher Box, but I decided against it and the free six steaks and bacon that came with the offer. Why? Because I'm the sole meat eater of the house, and there's a good chance I won't be finished with it before the next delivery. And did you know it's 129 bucks a pop (for the smaller subscription)? Yikes.

If they had the option to just order one box, I would be more likely to place an order. Something to think about, Butcher Box.


Yesterday at the restaurant, one of our younger customers stopped me while I was stuffing my face full of sandwich.

"Are you the chef that cooks the food?"

I slowly shook my head. "Sorry. I just help the guys that cook."


Yeah kid... I'm disappointed too.

As much I'd like to go back to my culinary classes, both my work and financial situation makes it hard to do so. The ads for the Escoffier online program keep popping up when I'm browsing sites and various social media platforms. Which of course gets me thinking... why not? Works with my schedule... I can study wherever and whenever... no having to drive to school.

But just how legit can this program be? I really have not seen too much about it online other than what the school posts. How do they set up the externship? Do they have guaranteed job placement? And what aboutthe price tag - $14,000 for a certificate? Yeesh.

Someone want to get me a Christmas/Birthday present that covers the next ten years? It's the gift that keeps on giving... I'll make you dinner!


Broccoli fried rice was my jam today. Broccoli rice, diced ham, egg. Simple. Easy. My goal for the rest of the year is to use up the rest of the foodstuffs in the pantry and fridge/freezer. Cut back on my spending (you don't even want to know how much I spent on Thanksgiving), save save save.


Baking some grain & gluten free cookies tomorrow morning. With my mustache cutter. Cream cheese frosting. My only contribution to Movember.